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D&D USA Corporation

D&D USA Corporation, a subsidiary of D&D La CertosaFirenze spa based in Florence, Italy, inherits years of success and renown in the industry. Our substantial expansion projects are fueled by the exclusivity of our brands and the prosperous relationships cultivated with businesses for over three decades.

Legacy of Success

D&D La CertosaFirenze spa has been at the forefront of the industry, establishing relationships that extend beyond thirty years. These enduring connections grant us access to assorted and seasonal goods, secured by exclusive contracts spanning over two decades.

Expansion into the U.S. Market

In 2019, we embarked on a new chapter by expanding as a direct distributor in the U.S. market. We engage in the direct purchase and sale of clothing, accessories, and footwear from leading luxury brands. D&D USA primarily manages current and past seasons of clothing, accessories, and shoes.

Supply Chain Dynamics

We directly source luxury brands from the U.S. market and import Italian and French brands from D&D La CertosaFirenze spa. Our focus is on major department stores, in accordance with our supplier contracts.

Market Presence

Expanding our presence in the U.S. market, we offer our customers delivered and customs-cleared products, aiming to increase ourclient portfolio and annual revenue. Our primary markets include South America, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, India, Iran, Australia, and specific areas in China and Japan, includingYushuand Hainan Island.

Innovative Distribution Channels

We are developing new distribution channels by selling luxury products directly to end customers through casinos, credit cardreward programs, corporate gifts, cruises, and airlines. Creating partnerships with large corporations, we primarily sell accessories such as bags and small leather goods from our luxury brands.This involves generating special productions of the current season to advance this project with all the brands we collaborate with. At D&D USA Corporation, we are not just distributors; we are architects of luxury, bringing the finest brands from around the worldto the discerning consumers of the United States and beyond.

Gift Project

Elevating Luxury Gifting Experiences

The D&D Gift Project represents an innovative approach to delivering luxury products directly to reward programs, specifically targeting casinos and corporate gifts. Our process is designed to be simple, fast, and discreet, ensuring that only the end customer can experience the joy of purchasing a luxury product.

Product Selection: D&D curates a refined list of luxury products, including leather bags and accessories, eligible for reward programs.
Communication with Partners: D&D communicates and sends the product list to key partners, including casinos and major Chinese banks such as Merchants Bank andPing An Bank.

Distribution in Casinos: In casinos, luxury gifts are strategically placed for high-profile players within the premises. This ensures that exclusive products are accessible to the most significant players, enhancing their overall casino experience.
Distribution through Banks: In the case of banks, selected gifts are directly shipped to their end customers, ensuring a seamless and secure delivery process managed by trusted financial institutions.

Corporate Gifts: For large corporations, D&D facilitates the delivery of luxury gifts during annual corporate celebrations. This creates a memorable experience for employees and strengthens relationships within the company.

Exploiting the Presence of Casino Players
The Gift Project leverages the substantial presence of over 50 million players in casino surroundings. These players accumulate loyalty points through various activities such as hotel stays, gambling, dining in restaurants, and spending in China. These accrued points offer them the opportunity to choose their desired luxury products from catalogs, with a focus on leather bags and accessories.

Personalized and Exclusive Delivery

The selected luxury product is then discreetly and directly delivered to the hotel room, creating a personalized and exclusive gifting experience for customers. This unique approach adds value to the reward program, transforming it into not just a points system but access to premium and coveted luxury products.

Reflecting D&D’s Commitment

The Gift Project reflects D&D’s commitment to redefining the concept of sales through reward programs and creating memorable experiences for the end customer. It goes beyond traditional gifting, offering a blend of luxury and exclusivity that sets a new standard in the world of premium rewards.



Our Expanding Horizon

In conclusion, our business continues to flourish each year through the exploration of new distribution channels: reward programs, events, and retail spaces, department store, online platform.

With over 30 years in the fashion industry, our group has been a consistent force, generating fresh ideas to enhance and honor collaborations with designers annually.

Guiding Principles

Primarily, we adhere to the rules of the brands we represent, actively contributing to the implementation and support of their expansion plans into new territories. We take pride in being exclusive partners for many luxury brands, a testament to our commitment and credibility in the industry.

A Unique Approach to Luxury

This project is tailored for luxury brands, functioning seamlessly to amplify their reach without compromising brand integrity, as the product is directly delivered to the end customer. We are pioneering a new sales concept through reward programs, providing a unique and luxurious shopping experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue growing and innovating in the fashion sector while always respecting the roots of the brands we collaborate with.

Being the exclusive distributors for numerous luxury brands, we strive to deliver value to our customers through creative and premium sales approaches.

In essence, we are not just navigating the currents of the fashion industry; we are shaping them.

Our commitment to innovation, respect for brand legacies, and dedication to offering unique value sets us apart in the dynamic worldof luxury fashion.

As we look to the future, our focus remains unwavering: to redefine and elevate the fashion experience for our clientele and thebrands we proudly represent.