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D&D USA Corporation

D&D USA Corporation operates as a subsidiary of D&D Firenze spa, a prestigious company based in Florence, Italy, with a remarkable track record of 30 years of success and renown.

Driven by our exclusive partnerships with renowned brands and the strong relationships we have cultivated over three decades, our expansion projects are substantial. These partnerships enable us to procure a wide range of assorted and seasonal goods, ensuring a consistent supply through exclusive contracts that span over two decades.

In 2019, we embarked on an expansion initiative to establish ourselves as a direct distributor in the USA market. This involves the direct buying and selling of clothing, accessories, and footwear products from leading luxury brands worldwide. Our collaboration with these brands encompasses three primary areas of focus: handling current season products, managing stock season items, and engaging in production activities for the current season as well as end-of-cloth items.

We source our branded products directly from the US territory, ensuring a seamless and efficient procurement process. Additionally, we import Italian and French brands from our parent company, D&D Firenze spa, further enhancing our offerings to cater to the diverse preferences of our clientele.

This strategic approach allows us to provide an extensive range of high-quality products and meet the demands of discerning customers in the USA market.

The D&D USA is mainly doing 3 types of work with the brand: dealing both current and stock season and make production of current season of clothing, accessories and shoes and end of cloth. Picking up directly from the US territory all our branded products and importing the italian and French brands from D&D Firenze spa.

Where We Sell? Range of products:

• D&D USA CORP will primarily target department stores based on the contracts we have established with the brands. Our goal is to expand our presence in the USA market by offering landed and duty-paid products, aiming to increase our annual turnover.

• In addition to the USA market, we have identified several major markets for D&D, including South America, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, India, Iran, Australia, and specific areas of China and Japan, such as Yushu and Hainan Island.

• To diversify our distribution channels, we are actively exploring partnerships that enable us to deliver luxury products directly to the end customer through avenues such as casinos, credit card company rewards programs, corporate gifts, cruises, and airlines. By leveraging these channels, we aim to tap into new customer segments and expand our market reach.

• Moreover, we are forging new collaborations to cater to large companies, capitalizing on their rewards programs. Our focus in this aspect will primarily be on accessories, including handbags and small leather goods, sourced from our Luxury Brands.

• To support this project, we are working on special production on current season. This will allow us to offer an extensive range of products that align with the preferences of our target customers.

• The range of products offered by D&D encompasses clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags for men, women, and children. Our commitment is to provide collections from the current season, either produced directly in collaboration with the brand’s headquarters or through licensed partnerships. By focusing on current season items and offering competitive prices, we aim to ensure that our consumers have access to the latest trends and the best possible deals.

Geographical Areas of commercial distribution

• The primary reference markets for our company include South America, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa, India, and, subject to individual brand agreements, Middle and Eastern Europe, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Iran. This global presence allows D&D to sell products during different seasons based on regional variations.

• Our sales network primarily consists of direct sales to retail stores or department store chains, with merchandise management centralized at our headquarters. We do not engage in wholesale distribution.

• Our distribution market is segmented by brand, as authorized by the respective contracts. Each brand has specific countries approved for sales. Priority is given to emerging countries such as Iran and South America, which take precedence over other countries in terms of sales focus and expansion efforts.

Gift Project



  • The process is simple, fast, and discreet, ensuring that only the final customer sees the
    luxury product. Here’s how it works:
    1. We provide a list of products to casinos and major Chinese banks, such as
    Merchants Bank and Ping An Bank.
    2. Casinos will allocate the gifts, especially for high-level players within their premises.
    For the banks, they will ship the gifts directly to their final customers.
    3. For larger companies, the gifts will be delivered during their annual company

More than 50 million players frequent the casinos, earning loyalty points through hotel stays, gambling, dining, and shopping in China.

Using these loyalty points, customers can choose desired products from catalogs that include bags and small leather accessories.

The selected products will be delivered directly to the hotel room as a gift, enhancing the VIP customer experience.


  •  VIP Pillow Gifts: Luxury gifts for VIP clients as they arrive in their rooms.
  • Player Loyalty: Personal shopping at hosted events.
  • Customized platform: VIP guests have access to an elevated assortment of
    products within our redemption platforms.


Strengthen relationships with everyone on your list through corporate gifting.

Chinese banks create an app that allows their best customers to access and spend reward points on buying luxury products. These products are then shipped directly to the customer’s home.

In this case, we provide a picture of the luxury item to be displayed in their app. Only their elite clients with black cards can access and order the product using their accumulated
reward points.


  • Our business expands each year through new distribution channels, including rewards programs, events, and shops.
  • D&D La Certosa Firenze Spa has been in the fashion business for over 30 years,constantly generating new ideas to enhance and respect the work with designers.
  • First and foremost, we adhere to the brand’s guidelines and support their expansion plans into new countries.
  • We are proud to be the exclusive distributors of many luxury brands and this project is tailored for luxury brands, as it works exceptionally well without compromising the brand’s image, as the products are delivered directly to the final customer.
  • We are pioneering a new concept of selling through rewards programs, offering a unique and innovative approach to luxury brand distribution.